Faux Wall Panelling

Faux wall panels are incredibly popular and loved by people because of the fair installation price and the minimum time of installation. Many people come across faux panelling without realising the difference between the faux panelling and the authentic stone, bricks and wood. Faux wall panels are installed everywhere in the houses, in restaurants, in offices and in shopping malls etc. let’s have a quick look at what the faux panels are and their details.

Faux panels intro

Faux wall panels are panels designed to be applied on the existing walls either exterior or interior. They can be used to renovate old worn out walls into newer designer walls. These panels look exactly like real stone, wood or brick depending upon their type. These panels are casted from authentic stone and wood into Mold. After drying these panels are painted on the walls and they totally resemble their original source. The faux panels are excellent alternatives of the expensive wood and stone walls. They save huge amount of money and time.

Affordable faux panels

Installing walls made of original stone and wood require a lot of time, money and effort. With stone, it requires heavy machinery and the cost of the mortar and grout is also to be paid. Along with this it takes a long time to finish. The mess created by the stone and the grout takes a lot of effort to get cleaned up. Wooden walls are no different. The cost of the tools and the wood glue is very high. Wooden walls can be exposed to termite attacks with minor faults in the installation. Faux wall panels save all this money and time and cover all issues that might arise when using authentic material. It expenses a fraction of the cost of the authentic wood and stone and still looks original and difficult to differentiate.


Faux wall panels can be installed in the interior and well as the exterior. It means that they are resistant to several weather changes and the external environment. Faux wall panels are made resistant and can withstand different weathers.  They are resistant to mildew, rot and termite. As the faux wall panels can resist moisture they can be easily installed in the washrooms and the kitchens and the area with expectedly high content of moisture. Along with the durability another cool feature of faux wall panels is that they can be easily cleaned without using any special and harsh chemicals.

DIY faux panels

Faux wall panels do not require any specialist to get installed. One does not need any rental tools and hiring some expensive contractors to get these panels installed.  They can be installed by anyone as they only require simple glue and some screws to get fixed on the walls. Faux wall panels are a sheet that is cut into the desired shape according to the wall. Faux walls are just cut and apply and take a few hours for installation.


The opportunities of the faux wall panels are endless. As mentioned earlier they are durable and resistant. These features make it more desirable. They can be used anywhere and everywhere. Any wall that need to be covered up in style can be applied with the faux panels. Faux panels can be applied to outside siding, pantry backsplashes, bathrooms, showers, accent walls and wine cellars etc. Surprisingly these panels can also be installed in heated places such as fireplaces and stoves.

Now that we know what faux wall panelling is and all its advantages, it should be considered when decorating or renovating any building in future.


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